5 common mistakes people make when booking a wedding venue

There are so many families that are stuck in debt because their wedding venue plans didn’t fit in the planned budget. There are other families that have frustrated relatives because they didn’t get the experience they were entitled to. They planned everything but they committed some mistakes while picking the wedding venue, let’s at mistakes you must avoid so that you, your finances, and your experience are not hampered.

  • Take the budget into account

Calculate the estimate for expenses you may incur for everything else as well, before even beginning to look for a venue. What if other things exceed the remaining budget? In that case, your choice of venue will become a burden, decipher everything and allocate the budget accordingly.

  • Do not trust the photographs

Do not decide on one location based on pictures and clips they show you unless it is in another city or country. They may not be true to reality. Also, the location might not fit your vision of the wedding as it seems in the photographs. Make sure someone visits the place in person. 

  • Preparation as per the weather

Is it a rainy season celebration? But you were looking at open spaces? The experience news to be protected with all the precautions you can take. Whatever the weather, there is a suitable option, checking them once will do the trick. Just make sure it doesn’t slip your mind. 

  • Prioritize the decoration

The wedding venue chosen is ready is used to the fullest only if you spend some time and effort planning the final look for the big day. With an attractively furnished buffet and bar tables, it is critical to have correct decorating, lighting, and draperies in place. The food should be presented well, and the layout should be eye-catching so that guests are drawn to the eateries.

  • Don’t forget entertainment

Do you remember going to a boring ceremony where your parents dragged you? It’s safe to assume you don’t want that happening to your guests. Therefore room for this as well, plan if you want a MOC coming in to rock the party or you want a cool dancing platform or even as simple as having a picture booth.