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16 Percent of Employment Directly img
16 Percent of Employment Directly

Old Projects should be Completed:-

Entrepreneur Mr. Sarvesh Goel said that construction in real estate generates about 16 percent of employment directly and indirectly. In many small-scale industries, it increases investment and the use of labour. If the government works strategically to complete the old pending projects, then the wastage of capital and labor can be stopped. Thousands of people will also be able to get their homes. For this, the government should provide facilities and a bailout package.

Now it’s 2.5. But, do not know why the officials of both places are not ready to accept. It should be implemented.

16 Percent of Employment Directly img 1

G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors img
G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors

G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors:-

The G-20 conference venue will be divided into 17 sectors, with nine in-charges, and seventeen nodal officers appointed. A review meeting was held in the Municipal Corporation on Friday under the chairmanship of Municipal Commissioner Indrajit Singh regarding the G-20 conference, in which nodal officers have been appointed for each sector, dividing the program venue and its routes and areas into 17 sectors. On behalf of the state government, the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit will be held from February 10 to 14 in Sector-15 of Vrindavan Yojana, and the G-20 Summit from February 13 to 15 at Hotel The Centrum, Shaheedpath. In the review meeting, officers, engineers, and employees have been deployed in them for works related to the Municipal Corporation, while dividing the program venue and its traffic routes into a total of 17 sectors. A total of nine in-charges, 17 nodal officers, and 51 sector officers have been appointed in the above 17 sectors. The appointed officers have been asked to improve the cleanliness system by disposing of garbage etc., to remove encroachments from footpaths and hoardings from the roads, and fix patches on damaged roads and repair dividers. Along with this, 24 works will have to be done including dyeing, painting and washing, removal of wires hanging on electric poles, cleaning of ponds, and solving the problem of water logging.

G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors img 1 G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors img 2

Run for G-20 Walkathon img
Run for G-20 Walkathon

Run for G-20 Walkathon:-

CM Yogi Adityanath will show green flag

Run for G-20 Walkathon will be organized on Saturday for the purpose of promotion and participation in the G-20 Summit. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will flag it off. DM Suryapal Gangwar told that the walkathon will start at 9 am from Kalidas Marg and reach KD Singh Babu Stadium. 500 players will take part in it. 3.2 km. Every 100 meters in the Walkathon, one officer will proceed to hand over the torch/flag. Apart from this, the programs of the mini marathon to be held from Residency and GD Goenka School Sushant Golf City have been postponed.

Run for G-20 Walkathon img 1

Walkathon will be Held img
Walkathon will be Held

Walkathon will be held on 21st January 2023:-

A marathon will be organized from Kalidas Marg to KD Singh Stadium on January 21 for the purpose of creating awareness about the G-20 Summit. To participate in this, registration can be done on According to DM Suryapal Gangwar, the marathon will start at 9 am. Along with this, a mini-marathon will be organized from Residency to KD Singh Stadium and from GD Goenka School to The Centrum Hotel. At the same time, essay and poster exhibitions will also be organized. In view of the event to be held from February 13 to 15, instructions have also been issued to improve traffic in the entire city, especially from Amausi Airport to Metro Corridor, Shaheedpath, API Sushant Golf City, Lohia Path, Hazratganj, Residency, Imambara, Chowk, and Aminabad are given.

Walkathon will be Held img 1

G-20 Summit In view of the district administration will organize.

Chief Minister will leave for Run for G-20 Walkathon:-

A Run for G20 Walkathon will be organized to inform people about the G-20 summit. This event will be held on 21 January. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will start by showing the flag at 5 Kalidas Marg. Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob informed me about this on Wednesday after the meeting. The commissioner informed that various departments like Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats, District Administration, Commissionerate, Secondary Education, Scout Guide, etc. will participate in this run. The route of the walkathon will be from Kalidas Marg to KD Singh Babu Stadium. Mini Marathon (I) will be from Residency to KD Singh, and Mini Marathon (II) will be from GD Goenka School (Ansal Golf City) to The Centrum Hotel.

Police verification will be done for the drivers of the buses:-

The commissioner said that in the places where there is encroachment in the city, joint teams of police, administration, and concerned department will get them removed. A list of buses deployed for G-20 has been sought. Police will verify the drivers of the buses.

Walkathon will be Held img 2 Walkathon will be Held img 3

G-20 Conference img
G-20 Conference

G-20 Conference – All the buildings along the Shaheed Path will be one:-

G-20 conference, Buildings on both sides of Shaheed Path and up to The Centrum Hotel in the Sushant Golf City of Ansal API will be seen in one colour. Due to the G20 conference, the Lucknow Development Authority has made preparations to get these buildings in one colour. For this, buildings will be done in one color only with the consent and expense of the building owners.

The city is being beautified for the G-20 summit. Special attention is given to those areas from where foreign guests have to come. The foreign guests will proceed from the airport via Shaheed Path to The Centrum Hotel in Sushant Golf City. For this, to make the route more beautiful ++, preparations have been made to get the surrounding buildings in one color. The LDA has identified such buildings, which are seen coming and going on this route, and a list of all those has been prepared. The authority engineers have also contacted all the building owners and asked them to whitewash the building immediately.

All the buildings will be of foggy white colour:-

The LDA has decided on the color of the buildings. The color of all the buildings will be off-white. By the first week of February, the color of all the buildings will turn dusty white. LDA will get the one who does not change the color of his building himself. But its cost will be recovered from the concerned person.

G-20 Conference img 1
BJP Mahila Morcha made G20 rangoli in front of Imambara on Sunday

Special gifts from Lucknow-Kannauj img
Special Gifts from Lucknow-Kannauj

Kannauj’s perfume and Lucknowi will give the gift of chicken: –

Special gifts from Lucknow-Kannauj will be given as a memento to the foreign guests who came to the G-20 conference. The central team that came from Delhi a day before, discussed this topic the night before leaving. One district product was suggested by the state government. Out of 75 districts of the state, the famous perfume of Kannauj and the chikankari product of Lucknow got approval in this meeting.

Electronics and Information Technology Secretary Alkesh Kumar Sharma, Additional Secretary Bhuvanesh Kumar, Joint Secretary Sushil Pal, and Deputy Secretary Anupam Anish Chauhan were part of the team. The nodal officer of the meeting, Principal Secretary Urban Development Amrit Abhijat told about the preparations made so far. The central team reviewed the preparations made so far. G-20 • Many heads of state are also coming to the conference. In such a situation, arrangements are being made meticulously from the main conference venue and hotel to the places where they will go out for sightseeing. The central team is also worried about this. The officials wanted to be sure that nothing should happen in front of foreign guests which would affect the image of the country and the state. That’s why all the officers inquired about the preparations in detail.

Inquired about the arrangements being made on the way from the airport to The Centrum Hotel and the preparations made so far. Apart from this, it was also discussed that what will be the role of the Center and State in the conference so that there is no confusion at the last moment. Also discussed was the cooperation of the Ministry of External Affairs.

  • Union Secretary and his team examined the preparations
  • Principal Secretary Urban Development reviewed with officers

The central team will come again after 10 days:-

The central team will come again after 10 days to see the preparations for the last phase of the conference. During this, the team will also see whether the suggestions given this time have been implemented or not. Apart from this, if any change is proposed at the last moment, she will also get it done.

Special gifts from Lucknow-Kannauj img 1

LDA Removed the Encroachment img
LDA Removed the Encroachment

Encroachment Removed Illegal Construction Seal:-

The LDA removed the encroachment by running a campaign from Sector-7 of the Gomti Nagar extension to Sultanpur Highway on Thursday. Illegal encroachments were vacated from more than 50 thousand square meters of land. Officer on Special Duty Amit Rathore said that in view of the G-20 conference, encroachments were demolished from Shaheed Path to the venue of the program (The Centrum Hotel).

LDA Removed the Encroachment img 1

Rs 76000 Crore Signed in the Lucknow Roadshow img
Rs 76000 Crore Signed in the Lucknow Roadshow

Rs 76000 Crore Signed in the Lucknow Roadshow:-

MoUs worth Rs 76000 crore were signed in the Lucknow Roadshow. The state government, which is engaged in making the Global Investors Summit a mega show of Uttar Pradesh, is getting the support of investors on every front. After the success of the road shows held abroad, every day a new streak is being drawn in the conferences of entrepreneurs being held inside and outside the state. In this series, 79 new investment proposals were agreed upon in the road show organized at Hotel The Centrum, Lucknow on Wednesday, and investment agreements worth Rs 76,867 crore were formalized with the investors. MoU exchange also took place with some companies in the presence of Industries Minister Nand Gopal Nandi, and Minister of State Jaswant Saini. Canada’s Minister of Mental Health and Addiction Michael Tibollo also made an appearance.

79 Industrialists Signed:-

  •  Investors appreciated UP’s industrial policy and law and order
  • Canadian Minister of Mental Health Michel was also present in the roadshow.

Industrial Minister Nand Gopal Gupta along with (from left) Minister of State for Industrial Development Jaswant Singh Saini, Haldiram Group Manager Commerce Sanjay Singhania, and Additional Chief Secretary Industrial Development Arvind Kumar inaugurating the Investors Summit Roadshow at The Centrum Hotel in Sushant Golf City on Wednesday.

Rs 76000 Crore Signed in the Lucknow Roadshow img 1 Rs 76000 Crore Signed in the Lucknow Roadshow img 2

Investor Summit held img 4 Investor Summit held img 5 Investor Summit held img 6

Investor Summit held img
Investor Summit held

Investor Summit held:-

Addressing the first session of the Investor Summit held at Mars Hall under UP Global Investors Summit at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, District Magistrate Suryapal Gangwar and Manchasin Industrialist Mr. Sarvesh Goel, IIA President Ashok Agarwal, and others

The decision taken in the interest of industries is going to speed up the development. All NOCs related to land including the map, and land use change at the time of the contract, which Promised, it’s great.

Investor Summit held img 1 Investor Summit held img 2 Investor Summit held img 3