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Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img
Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

Lucknow Run: The City rises early to take the wake-up call of Health and Fitness:-

With the break of dawn, over 1,200 health and fitness enthusiasts rubbed shoulders with each other to participate in the ‘Lucknow Run 2023’ on Sunday.

As they matched their footsteps, their collective effort to convey the message of living a healthy life resonated in the air.

Participants from all sections of society gathered to send the message for better health and fitness in the event organised at the GD Goenka public school, Aashiana.

The ‘Federal Bank Lucknow Run’ was organised in four categories, 21 km, 10 km, 05 km, and 03 km. The 21km Run was flagged off by Gen Mukesh Chadha, Chief of Staff, Central Command, while the 10 km Run by Ritu Suhas IAS, Qasim Abidi IPS, & CBSE Sahodaya Team and 3 & 5 km Runs by Durga Shankar Mishra, chief secretary Uttar Pradesh.

“Since our lifestyle and daily routine have changed and more so after the pandemic, we should be conscious of our fitness and health.” said Mishra.

“To spread the message of good health and prosperous lifestyle among people and to promote the culture of sports in the country are the main objectives of this half marathon,” said Mr. Sarvesh Goel, organiser of the Lucknow Run.

Gramin Bank assistant manager Hemendra Pratap Singh said, “Running is my passion and it makes me happy when I run in an event like this.”

Dignitaries like additional chief secretary Anil Kumar, IAS Anurag Yadav, principal secretary Anil Kumar, regional director Reserve Bank of India, Lucknow, Dr. Balu Kenchappa, Ironman Kishlay Rai, principals and teachers of renowned schools of the city were present on the occasion and flagged off the different runs.
Female winners of the 21 Km run were Prem Lata Gupta, Asha Singh, and Capt Shipra Rai, while in the 10Km run, male winners Ritesh Mishra, Ravi Raghav, and Kamal Saini and among females Pooja Nishad, Diana Velardre and Shivani Chau- han took the first, second and third spots, respectively.

Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img 1 Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img 2 Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img 3 Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img 4 Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img 5 Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img 6

Participants at Lucknow Run & winners being felicitated at the event on Sunday

5th edition of Half Marathon-Lucknow Run img
5th edition of Half Marathon-Lucknow Run

‘Lucknow Run’ Half Marathon to be held Tomorrow:-

The 5th edition of Half Marathon, Lucknow Run, will be organised in the city on Sunday. The half marathon, organized by The Centrum, aims to promote public welfare and a culture of healthy living.

Hundreds of runners, fitness lovers, and students from Lucknow and many other cities will participate in the event. Organizations like Inner Wheel, Rotary Club, Lucknow Sahodaya Schools’ Complex, and Indian Industries Association, are supporting the mission.

Lucknow divisional commissioner Roshan Jacob, district magistrate Suryapal Gangwar, UP chief secretary DS Mishra, Chief of staff, central command, Gen Mukesh Chadha will be present on the occasion.

A ‘Bib-Expo’ is being organised at GD Goenka School, Sushant Golf City, on November 3-4 for the distribution of T-shirts and running kits among participants.

The main organiser of the event, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, said the event has not only made its mark at the national level but is also accepted on many international platforms. “Lucknow Run is also recognized by the World Athletics Association,” he said.

5th edition of Half Marathon-Lucknow Run img 1

New Treatment Techniques in CME img
New Treatment Techniques in CME

Discussion on New Treatment Techniques in CME:-

The New Treatment Techniques in CME was organized by Shanya Scans & Theranostics and Newberg Diagnostics at The Centrum Hotel. In this, the progress of research, investigation, and treatment in cancer and fetal medicine was discussed. Dr. Narvesh Kumar, Director of Shanya Scans and Theranostics, said that experienced doctors have seriously discussed new treatment methods.

New Treatment Techniques in CME img 1

At the CME, experts discussed research into cancer and fetal medicine.

England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori img
England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori

England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori:-

England players will eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori, will take embroidered clothes to Britain. The India vs England match will be played on 29 October at Ekana International Cricket Stadium. Under this, the England team reached Lucknow on Friday and the team has been accommodated at The Centrum Hotel located in Golf City. The special thing is that here the players of England team will be tasted Malai Gilori, Tunde Kebab and all the famous flavors of Awadh. Arrangements for Awadhi food have also been made in this hotel.

Actually, this hotel is an embodiment of Indian traditions. This is the reason that the food here will be according to the diet chart sent by BCCI for the players of England team, but separately, Awadhi food i.e. Tunde Kebab, Malai Gilori, Nihari of Lucknow and the famous Biryani of this place will also be included. The special thing is that along with the players of the England team, their families have also come to Lucknow. This is the reason why the hotel will also serve Awadhi food to the family members of England players like their children, wives and other foreign guests.

England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori img 2 England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori img 1

Chikankari Clothes will be given as Gifts:-

Managing Director of the hotel, Mr. Sarvesh Goel told that not only the famous food of Lucknow will be fed to the players of England, their wives, children and foreign guests who have also come here, they will also be tasted and served the local taste. Although it depends on them how much they like it and how much they don’t, he also said that when the England team leaves from here, they will be gifted chikankari clothes of Lucknow in their farewell so that it can be used as a gift of Awadh’s identity. But they can take these clothes from here. He told that the England team is a guest for us, being foreign guests, they will also be introduced to Indian traditions in this hotel.

England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori img 3

All India Agarwal Conference img
All India Agarwal Conference

Ghats and Gates should be named after Maharaja Agrasen:-

The Lucknow unit was formed in the All India Agarwal Conference held at Gym Khana Club. National President Gopal Sharan Garg stressed on social unity. He said that the new generation should be told about Maharaja Agrasen.

Lucknow unit was formed in All India Agrawal Conference, officers nominated

Gopal Sharan said that Agroha Dham is the fifth pilgrimage place for the society. Maharaja Agrasen has a glorious history. He also made some demands from the government. Like Har Ki Pauri, two ghats in Haridwar are named after Maharaja Agrasen. Similarly, a ghat of the Saryu River should be named after Maharaja Agrasen.

Out of the four main gates in Ayodhya, one gate should be named after Maharaja Agrasen. The government should allot land to the Agrawal community so society can construct 500 rooms.
Can build a building of. In this, proper arrangements can be made for the accommodation and food of the people who come to see God.

According to the information, MLC Ashok Agarwal, Provincial President Suresh Agarwal, Provincial General Secretary Gopal Agarwal, City Vice President Sarvesh Agarwal, Bharat Bhushan, etc. were present at the conference.

All India Agarwal Conference img 1

Amit became City President:-

The National President announced the new committee of the Lucknow district. In this, Amit Aggarwal was nominated as Lucknow City President, Gaurav Goyal as General Secretary, Dr. Suyash Aggarwal as Treasurer, City Vice President Sanjay Aggarwal, Rajesh Aggarwal, Prateek Aggarwal.

All India Agrawal Conference Awadh The provincial meeting of the province was held on Thursday.

All India Agarwal Conference img 2

Red Achievers Awards Season-3 img
Red Achievers Awards Season-3

Red Achievers Awards Season-3 organized:-

Red Achievers Awards Season-3 was organized by a private radio channel on Tuesday at Hotel The Centrum located in Golf City near Shaheed Path. Many stalwarts of medicine, education, and industry from Lucknow were honored by the channel in the programme. On this occasion, Cabinet Minister Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’ was present as the chief guest. Shri Nandi extended his best wishes to those honored.

Red Achievers Awards Season-3 img 1

Business Conferences and Leisure Staycations img
Business Conferences and Leisure Staycations

Business Conferences and Leisure Staycations:-

The hotels soon became preferred properties for business conferences and leisure staycations. Hilton Garden Inn also opened its doors in Gomtinagar in 2018. Moving away from the centrally located properties and closer to Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport and Kanpur City, the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts opened its Ramada Hotel & Convention Centre and Ramada Plaza by Wynd- ham on Kanpur Road in 2016 and 2019, respectively. Further strengthening its presence in UP, the brand is planning to come up with another hotel under the midscale lifestyle-Rama da Encore – in agreement with Deep Distilleries & Breweries Private Limited, part of the Deep Group of Hotels.

While a wave of international hotel franchises opened in the city and turned around the hospitality industry in the state, Lucknow welcomed its own homegrown brand, The Centrum (under the Mansingh Goel Group), which opened in 2021. The five-star hotel is a glaring example of ‘Vocal for Local’ as each and everything used in the hotel is of local significance, from the use of Chinhat potteries in the interiors to adding elements of chikankari and lakhauri bricks.

“Today, in Lucknow, we are not only catering weddings but also national and international events, educational conclaves, corporate meets, and mega events like UP Investors Summit & G-20, which has given us an edge in the hospitality industry. Moreover, domestic and leisure travel has been on the rise where people are choosing the hotel as a staycation for one or two days,” said Mr. Sarvesh Goel, chairman of Mansingh Goel Group and promoter of the hotel, adding, that the group is planning to expand the hotel in five Indian cities, including Ayodhya, and international destinations with direct connection with cities in UP. “Talks are on to open The Centrum Hotel in Ayodhya, Varanasi, Goa, Mumbai and also Bangkok. Since Bangkok has direct flight connections with cities like Lucknow and Varanasi, it will help in boosting tourism for both the countries,” he added.

Prateek Hira, chairman, of the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), UP chapter, said that with growing infrastructure, and redevelopment of heritage properties, malls, and hypermarkets, one should not put the cities of UP under the tier-2 (Y) category anymore. “UP is central to tourism in India. The Taj Mahal has always been an attraction here, similar is the case with Varanasi. Kumbh in Prayagraj has been another awe-inspiring experience for tourists. As the state grew, so has the state capital and in the past five years, we have added 500-odd rooms here. We are eyeing more developments with several hotels proposed to come up in Ayodhya and other cities. In Lucknow, we have the Sheraton Hotel in the making, an addition of 100 rooms to the Hilton. Moreover, due to the World Cup, musical concerts, and several other factors contributing to the influx in tourism and hospitality, we have been noticing that the average room rate and leisure occupancies have gone higher. This is something which has now become a trend that people are paying more for leisure accommodations,” said Hira.

Business Conferences and Leisure Staycations img 1

While the state is getting ready for the formal inauguration of Ram Temple in January 2024, tour operators say that the flow of tourists has already increased in the state capital and is set to go further from January onwards.
“Lucknow being the nearest city to Ayodhya, majority of tourists will stay in the state capital as it is strategically located. Moreover, Lucknow airport is in for an expansion with terminal-3 coming up, which makes it the main airport for tourists to deboard or catch flights from until Ayodhya airport gets ready. Since accommodations also are on a waiting list in Ayodhya, it will be an add-on advantage for Lucknow. Development of one place of tourism is a boost to the entire region,” he added.

Flashback and Comparing Old and New img
Flashback and Comparing Old and New

Flashback and Comparing Old and New:-

“The supplement was like going back into flashback and comparing old and new and seeing the changes in a fast-moving world. We saw how and in what respect we have progressed. It is a flashback. It could be insightful for the youngsters of the city who may not have seen the old times. It gave me the excitement of going through the previous stories of TOI which were published over the last 40 years,” said businessman Mr. Sarvesh Goel, businessman.

Flashback and Comparing Old and New img 1

Solo Exhibition of Paintings img
Solo Exhibition of Paintings

The Depiction of the Female Mood is Pleasing:-

The solo exhibition of paintings of young artist Karuna Triwari has started from Monday at Lalit Kala Academy Kaiserbagh. The inauguration was done by Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Chairman of GD Goenka Public School. Mr. Sarvesh Goel said that Karuna has been successful in capturing the mood of the female mind on canvas with paint and brush. The favorite subjects of his paintings are Indian miniature paintings, and various styles based on the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna. There is beauty and makeup in his paintings.

Solo Exhibition of Paintings img 1 Solo Exhibition of Paintings img 2

Woman’s mind and beauty engraved on canvas:-

Painter Karuna Tiwari has beautifully depicted the mind and beauty of a woman on canvas. His solo exhibition started on Monday at the State Lalit Kala Academy, which was inaugurated by Mr. Sarvesh Goel. 30 works are attracting the attraction of art lovers to the exhibition. The solo exhibition will continue till October 21.

Solo Exhibition of Paintings img 3