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Dandiya Nights

There will be fun in the gathering of Dandiya:-

To add to the excitement of the festival, Best CBSE GD Goenka Public School is organizing Dandiya Nights in association with ‘Amar Ujala’. It will be organized on October 09 (Saturday) from 6 pm at ‘The Centrum’ in Sushant Golf City. Eminent personalities of the city will participate in it. Organizer Mr. Sarvesh Goel says that Dandiya Night has been organized in GD Goenka Public School for the last several years. This time in view of the Corona protocol, it will be celebrated in ‘The Centrum’.

Dandiya Nights at The Centrum img

Dandiya Nights Dhamaal

Dandiya Nights Dhamaal will be held on 9th on the tune of the Band:-

Dandiya Nights will be organized in association with Amar Ujala at GD Goenka Public School.

To increase the festive spirit, Best CBSE GD Goenka Public School in association with Amar Ujala is going to celebrate Dandiya Nights Dhamaal with the readers. Many eminent personalities of the city will participate in the Dandiya festival to be held from 6 pm on October 9 (Saturday) at ‘The Centrum‘ Club located in Sushant Golf City on Shaheed Path.

According to the organizer Mr. Sarvesh Goel, only a few people will attend the event, following the Corona protocol completely. There will be a three-day workshop before the event, in which people will get a chance to learn dandiya. Mr. Sarvesh Goel told that like every year, this time also the band has been called from Mumbai. On whose tunes the city will be forced to dance. He told that along with this band group, many famous dancers will also be present at the venue to encourage the people.

Dandiya Nights Dhamaal The Centrum img

5 common mistakes people make when booking a wedding venue

There are so many families that are stuck in debt because their wedding venue plans didn’t fit in the planned budget. There are other families that have frustrated relatives because they didn’t get the experience they were entitled to. They planned everything but they committed some mistakes while picking the wedding venue, let’s at mistakes you must avoid so that you, your finances, and your experience are not hampered.

  • Take the budget into account

Calculate the estimate for expenses you may incur for everything else as well, before even beginning to look for a venue. What if other things exceed the remaining budget? In that case, your choice of venue will become a burden, decipher everything and allocate the budget accordingly.

  • Do not trust the photographs

Do not decide on one location based on pictures and clips they show you unless it is in another city or country. They may not be true to reality. Also, the location might not fit your vision of the wedding as it seems in the photographs. Make sure someone visits the place in person. 

  • Preparation as per the weather

Is it a rainy season celebration? But you were looking at open spaces? The experience news to be protected with all the precautions you can take. Whatever the weather, there is a suitable option, checking them once will do the trick. Just make sure it doesn’t slip your mind. 

  • Prioritize the decoration

The wedding venue chosen is ready is used to the fullest only if you spend some time and effort planning the final look for the big day. With an attractively furnished buffet and bar tables, it is critical to have correct decorating, lighting, and draperies in place. The food should be presented well, and the layout should be eye-catching so that guests are drawn to the eateries.

  • Don’t forget entertainment

Do you remember going to a boring ceremony where your parents dragged you? It’s safe to assume you don’t want that happening to your guests. Therefore room for this as well, plan if you want a MOC coming in to rock the party or you want a cool dancing platform or even as simple as having a picture booth.

I- Day Celebrations Get Grand

I- Day Celebrations Get Grand:-

I- Day Celebrations Get Grand, The Centrum Hotel, Resort & Club celebrated the 75th Independence Day on August 15, 2021, at its premises.

The event commenced with the unfurling of the National Flag by Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Promoter of The Centrum. Thereafter he addressed the associates and he recalled the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and the objectives set out by our government.

The Centrum also organised a pre-inaugural first members meet in the afternoon. All the members enjoyed sumptuous lunch, a flash mob by the associates and live music by Poorvi Naithani along with their family.

Kids activities and games were also held which kept the parents and the children engaged.

The event was attended by police officials SN Sabat, Ak Singh & Chandraprakash, alongwith Dr. Shobhit Kacker, Dr. Harsh, Manav Prakash, Ruhee Saxena, Amit Ghai, Col Dr, Ajay Bahadur, Sunil Jolly, Jayant Krishna & Manoj Goel, among others.

I- Day Celebrations Get Grand, The Centrum img

Celebrate Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day:-

To celebrate Independence Day a colorful event was hosted by Educationist and Businessman Sarvesh Goel at his club. After the flag hosting, a series of cultural activities were organised to entertain the guests.

Singer Poorva Nathani enthralled everyone with her soulful performance. Another highlight of the event was the flash mob dance which caught everyone by surprise and was much appreciated.

Celebrate Independence Day image 1Celebrate Independence Day image 2

Why look for a wedding venue in another city?

People are kind of crazy about destination weddings and looking at all the buzz, one might think that it is overrated. Some are all the way in Bali, some are enjoying the rich culture of places like Jodhpur and Lucknow. Why so? Well, let’s look at why this is a good idea for you, given there are so many options.

  • It all about the package 

When you pick a venue in your own city, there’s still a lot left to you. But these destination wedding agencies are well versed to pamper you and your loved ones in the time you spend with them. You can enjoy the beautiful moments without having to take the burden.

  • A no-worries vacation

The experience is bound to be different, with nothing to be worried about. Your friends and family can enjoy the freshness the new place brings. This all is a big vacation with everyone you love beside you and a huge event you all can enjoy. 

  • Intimate set up

It goes without saying that taking this ordeal outside your hometown means that lesser people will join you. Which is not quite possible otherwise. This makes the wedding more special and you have to worry less about the aquaintances not being satisfied.

  • Easier on pocket

If you pick an economical location and manage to find a reasonably priced package along with an awesome wedding venue, it’s actually cheaper. It cuts down expenses on food and accommodation since the guest list is shorter in comparison. 

  • Uniqueness

The experience is unique and worth all the traveling fatigue. The change in place brings unique flavors to the rituals of the marriage. It adds to your memory book and it is everything a couple could ask for. The experience is fun and you get to show off great pictures too.

  • More days= more fun

Destination wedding stretches your experience to a week or more instead of just one day. The entire duration is in your hand to utilize and make the most of along with a selected few.

Wedding venue: Make it perfect

Getting married is one of the most precious memories in one’s life. This kind of creates pressure on you to make it perfect. Don’t worry though, these are a few life-saving tricks and tips for you that can help you make your wedding venue you as you dreamt of the other day-

1. Get googling

The first thing to do when in doubt, is to google. Although the trick is to go local, whatever you are searching, add the location after it. You will find local venues and can see which one fits your taste. It will also lead you to blogs of local photographers and you can get a good idea of potential wedding venues before having to travel at all. You will find a handful of places and then you finalize from them by paying a visit to just these places. 

2. Pinterest to save your life

Where else can you find aesthetic ideas? Find inspirations from this amazing website. You will find everything. Color schemes, flower decor, stage decor, seating arrangements, and anything that you can think of. Along the way, you will find things that might not have been part of the initial idea but could be a great addition. 

Wedding venue

3. Interact with local vendors

When you do have a rough sketch in your mind, talking to the local vendors will prove to be a good idea. They know best what is actually doable in the venue chosen and help you narrow down on fewer options to go with. You will have a clear idea of how you want the venue to look like.

4. Work alongside your planner

Now if you have a planner to help you manage this important job, you will have to spend a little time with them. This does kind of defeats the purpose of hiring a planner but your ideal wedding venue won’t be similar to theirs. Working with them closely will prevent the surprises you may get on the date wedding

Points to be careful about while booking a wedding venue

The wedding date is set, the relatives are all hyped up, now it’s on your shoulders to match up to their expectations, in your budget. It clearly is not easy. The worst part is that oftentimes there are hidden costs you are not aware of and some services that you expected to be included in the package is an ad-on.

To ensure you don’t have to go through this, here are a few checkpoints that you need to keep in mind before you book your wedding venue

  1. Have a clear estimate about the number of people that will be present for the event. This will be the deciding factor for the venue as per your budget and the package you opt for. 
  2. Ask for all sorts of details on what the package shortlisted includes and it’s meant for how many people. Check if housekeeping, catering, parking, electricity, DJ, and other services are included as well. 
  3. Make a list of additional services you will require when the package is decided. It could be theme based decoration or a bigger dance floor.
  4. Ask the wedding venue management for a detailed description of the space. It is necessary to find the most suitable option of all.
  5. Decide the menu beforehand and compare which catering system fits your need as per the seating arrangement and the budget. It could be per plate charge system or based on the number of estimated guests. Do you want live counters or waiters to serve? Decide it and let the management know about it.
  6. Consider looking at the floor plans to have an idea of how the seating arrangement may look like, you do not want your guests sitting far apart or clustered together. 
  7. Are drinks involved? Well in that case ask them if they have a liquor license, just to be on the safer end.
Cost of wedding venue

Cost of Wedding Venue:-

Are you looking for a wedding venue and don’t know what price to expect? Well, don’t worry, we got you. Here is what you are looking for.

Weddings are once in a lifetime event and Indian families don’t compromise on them. Once the date is decided, family members are found trying to get the best wedding venue at the best price. But, it is hard to know if you are being overcharged, so here is what you should expect from your service provider for the big day preparation.


INR 200,000- 3,000,000

Wish for an indoor kind of celebration? Hotels are what you are looking for. They will take care of basic decoration, furnishing, and live food counters. The price will depend on the kind of hotel chosen and the location. You will also have to consider additional charges for extra decoration.

Banquet hall

INR 200,000

This is another popular option and for good reasons. You get a hall for the functions and accommodation as per your need. This price will vary according to the size you want and the number of people attending. This basic price will also increase depending on the menu you choose and if you opt for additional services like a dressing room for the bride, catering, and DJ. This type of wedding venue should give everything you need on a decent budget.

Marriage hall

INR 100,000- 500,000

The nicest part about a marriage hall is that your guests will have plenty of parking space. Furthermore, you may accommodate your visitors because they have rooms on the premises. It is best for a budget wedding when you have a long list of relatives to invite. The price doesn’t include the cost of food and electricity and it varies as per your choices.

Restaurant party hall

INR 100,000-150,000

You are all about intimate functions? The best way for you to implement is by picking a good spacious restaurant in the city and find your perfect package. The package includes everything and you can enjoy it without the adults worried about the arrangements.