How much will your wedding venue cost you?

How much will your wedding venue cost you?

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events and Indian families don’t compromise on them. Once the date is decided, family members are found trying to get the best place at the best price. But, it is hard to know if you are being overcharged, so here is what you should expect from your service provider for the big day preparation.

  • Hotels

INR 200,000- 3,000,000

Wish for an indoor kind of celebration? Hotels are what you are looking for. They will take care of basic decoration, furnishing, and live food counters. The price will depend on the kind of hotel chosen and the location. You will also have to consider additional charges for extra decoration.

  • Banquet hall

INR 200,000

This is another popular option and for good reasons. You get a hall for the functions and accommodation as per your need. This price will vary according to the size you want and the number of people attending. This basic price will also increase depending on the menu you choose and if you opt for additional services like a dressing room for the bride, catering, and DJ.

  • Marriage hall

INR 100,000- 500,000

The nicest part about a marriage hall is that your guests will have plenty of parking space. Furthermore, you may accommodate your visitors because they have rooms on the premises. It is best for a budget wedding when you have a long list of relatives to invite. The price doesn’t include the cost of food and electricity and it varies as per your choices. 

  • Restaurant party hall

INR 100,000-150,000

You are all about intimate functions? The best way for you to implement is by picking a good spacious restaurant in the city and finding your perfect package. The package includes everything and you can enjoy it without the adults worried about the arrangements.