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Health and Fitness Enthusiasts img
Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

Lucknow Run: The City rises early to take the wake-up call of Health and Fitness:-

With the break of dawn, over 1,200 health and fitness enthusiasts rubbed shoulders with each other to participate in the ‘Lucknow Run 2023’ on Sunday.

As they matched their footsteps, their collective effort to convey the message of living a healthy life resonated in the air.

Participants from all sections of society gathered to send the message for better health and fitness in the event organised at the GD Goenka public school, Aashiana.

The ‘Federal Bank Lucknow Run’ was organised in four categories, 21 km, 10 km, 05 km, and 03 km. The 21km Run was flagged off by Gen Mukesh Chadha, Chief of Staff, Central Command, while the 10 km Run by Ritu Suhas IAS, Qasim Abidi IPS, & CBSE Sahodaya Team and 3 & 5 km Runs by Durga Shankar Mishra, chief secretary Uttar Pradesh.

“Since our lifestyle and daily routine have changed and more so after the pandemic, we should be conscious of our fitness and health.” said Mishra.

“To spread the message of good health and prosperous lifestyle among people and to promote the culture of sports in the country are the main objectives of this half marathon,” said Mr. Sarvesh Goel, organiser of the Lucknow Run.

Gramin Bank assistant manager Hemendra Pratap Singh said, “Running is my passion and it makes me happy when I run in an event like this.”

Dignitaries like additional chief secretary Anil Kumar, IAS Anurag Yadav, principal secretary Anil Kumar, regional director Reserve Bank of India, Lucknow, Dr. Balu Kenchappa, Ironman Kishlay Rai, principals and teachers of renowned schools of the city were present on the occasion and flagged off the different runs.
Female winners of the 21 Km run were Prem Lata Gupta, Asha Singh, and Capt Shipra Rai, while in the 10Km run, male winners Ritesh Mishra, Ravi Raghav, and Kamal Saini and among females Pooja Nishad, Diana Velardre and Shivani Chau- han took the first, second and third spots, respectively.

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Participants at Lucknow Run & winners being felicitated at the event on Sunday

5th edition of Half Marathon-Lucknow Run img
5th edition of Half Marathon-Lucknow Run

‘Lucknow Run’ Half Marathon to be held Tomorrow:-

The 5th edition of Half Marathon, Lucknow Run, will be organised in the city on Sunday. The half marathon, organized by The Centrum, aims to promote public welfare and a culture of healthy living.

Hundreds of runners, fitness lovers, and students from Lucknow and many other cities will participate in the event. Organizations like Inner Wheel, Rotary Club, Lucknow Sahodaya Schools’ Complex, and Indian Industries Association, are supporting the mission.

Lucknow divisional commissioner Roshan Jacob, district magistrate Suryapal Gangwar, UP chief secretary DS Mishra, Chief of staff, central command, Gen Mukesh Chadha will be present on the occasion.

A ‘Bib-Expo’ is being organised at GD Goenka School, Sushant Golf City, on November 3-4 for the distribution of T-shirts and running kits among participants.

The main organiser of the event, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, said the event has not only made its mark at the national level but is also accepted on many international platforms. “Lucknow Run is also recognized by the World Athletics Association,” he said.

5th edition of Half Marathon-Lucknow Run img 1

Lucknow Run's T-shirt Unveiled 2023 img
Lucknow Run’s T-shirt Unveiled 2023

New T-shirt for the Lucknow Run:-

The Lucknow Run’s T-shirt Unveiled 2023 organized in the city with the message of health awareness was unveiled on Saturday. At the function organized at The Centrum Hotel, Organizing Secretary Mr. Sarvesh Goel said that all preparations for the event to be held on November 5 have been completed. To be organized in different categories. All the big personalities of the city will be present at this event.

Lucknow Run's T-shirt Unveiled 2023 img 2

Lucknow Run’s T-shirt Unveiled:-

The annual Lucknow Run 2023‘ will be organized on November 5. The event is an initiative of ‘The Centrum’ to promote the health culture. To give a grand start to Lucknow Run 2023, a “T-shirt unveiling ceremony’ was held here on Sunday. The t-shirt with a new design, colour, and theme was unveiled by organizer Mr. Sarvesh Goel. The new look T-shirt was unveiled before more than 100 runners from different groups. Mr. Goel said that soon Lucknow Run’ will be the biggest run of India and will make a mark at the international level also. Hundreds of runners from Lucknow and from various parts of the country participate in this run. Inner Wheel, Rotary Club, Lucknow Sahodaya School’s Complex, and Indian Industries Association collaborate with the mission to promote good health.

Lucknow Run's T-shirt Unveiled 2023 img 1

Promoting a Physical Fitness Revolution img- 630x360
Promoting a Physical Fitness Revolution

Promoting a Physical Fitness Revolution:-

Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Chairman, Mansingh Goel Group; Promoter, The Centrum and Chairman, GD Goenka Public School Lucknow has been quietly promoting a physical fitness revolution through a one-of-a-kind marathon in the city. He recently organized the Lucknow Run which saw a massive response from city dwellers. In recent years running has become quite a rage in the city and beyond. The city has been witness to a multitude of running associations along with cyclists who hit the road at daybreak to stay fit as a fiddle.

While the young are a major part of this circle, even the post-50 club is joining in to ensure that their physical activities stay unhindered. Post 50, Goel adds it is pertinent to stay agile and active. He says that a lot of problems are solved if one takes the right kind of food with the correct lifestyle. Mr. Sarvesh Goel speaking to The Lucknow Tribune said, “These are times of social change. People essentially want the best of both phases, the morning and evening. There needs to be a complete change in lifestyle for the well-being of the person. We in today’s times need the kind of food that one used to savour in the olden days. For example our ancestors. That truly replenished my mind, body, and soul. Secondly, now it is even more important to wake up early and go to sleep early. People should live a stress-free life by hitting the gym to keep themselves away from addiction.”

HEALTH IS A BIG INVESTMENT – Mr. SARVESH GOEL Investing in Health and prioritizing well-being should be a priority area. Running is an added bonus.

Explaining further, he said, “Try walking at least 3 to 5 km every day. Let your body get a sufficient amount of fresh air. Taking care of one’s health is a big investment.


Expert opinion suggests that an active lifestyle keeps your muscles and bones. strong, your mind sharp, and can add years to your life. Some estimates suggest a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate activity each week is much needed. This averages out to 30 minutes of activity five days a week.

Among the Benefits of Running After 50 are-

  • Builds up endurance
  • Live longer
  • Lower risk of getting certain cancers
  • Lower odds of getting diabetes
  • Improved levels of “good” cholesterol
  • Better bone density
  • Less inflammation
  • Fewer feelings of depression and anxiety

It is advisable that one increases the intake of Satvik food. Following age-old techniques, experts widely believe that having dinner four hours before sleep is a good idea. Lastly to calm nerves and ensure that mental health remains well, one must practice Yoga, especially Pranayama regularly.”

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Half Marathon 2022 Marked image
Half Marathon 2022 Marked

The Centrum-powered ‘Lucknow Run’ Half Marathon 2022 marked with Two Thousand Runners – Sarvesh Goel:-

The Centrum-powered ‘Lucknow Run’ Half Marathon 2022 is marked with Two Thousand Runners – Mr. Sarvesh Goel. Thousands of runners participated in the most awaited and renowned event of the city of nawabs “Lucknow Run”, the 4th edition of the event, held at the famous GD Goenka Public School here on Sunday, Nov 6, 2022, Organised & Sponsored by a five-star Hotel & Resort “The Centrum”, in association with UP Tourism Dept and recognized by the ‘World Athletics Association’ and approved by ‘U.P. Athletic Association. The event is an initiative of well-known social workers, sports lovers, and successful businessman Mr. Sarvesh Goel to promote general well-being and health culture. The event is held regularly to salute the spirit of Lucknow through ‘Lucknow Run’ which is an annual event and a step to give back something to society.

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Lucknow Half Marathon img
Lucknow Half Marathon

Lucknow Half Marathon:-

Over 2,000 take part in the Lucknow half marathon, The Lucknow Run 2022 was organized at GD Goenka Public School in Sushant Golf City here on Sunday. The half marathon, which was participated by over 2,000 people, was organized jointly by The Centrum and the department of UP tourism. One of the main objectives of this half marathon is to promote the culture of sports in the country. Eminent personalities of the city, including Lt Gen Vivek Kashyap, AVSM, VSM, Central Command, and Anil Kumar, additional chief secretary. The winners of the Lucknow · Run Half Marathon 2022 are as follows: Jaitnder Singh in the male category and Balbinder Kaur in the female category were declared winners in the 21-km run category.

Saiyuv Khan and Isha Sharma were the winners of the 10-km run category in male and female categories respectively.

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Preparation Begins with a Promo Run img
Preparation Begins with a Promo Run

Lucknow Run Preparation Begins with a Promo Run:-

The preparations for the proposed Lucknow Run Half Marathon on November 6 have gained momentum. A promo run was organized at the Kukrail picnic spot on Saturday. Mr. Sarvesh Goel, promoter of the organizer The Centrum and chairman of Mansingh Goel Group, said that during the promo run, a large number of common people tested their preparations by being present. As far as the Lucknow run is concerned, the fourth edition of the event, which will be held at number 6, will depart from GD Goenka School via Sushant Golf City.

Preparation Begins with a Promo Run img 1