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Unveiled the T-Shirts of Lucknow Run 2021

Lucknow Run on October 31st:-

Unlike last year, ‘Lucknow Run’ will be an on-ground activity which will be organized on Oct 31st. Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia unveiled the T-Shirts of Lucknow Run 2021 in the presence of Lucknow Police Commissioner D K Thakur and Primary Education Minister Satish Dwivedi. The organizer of the event, A Young dynamic Entrepreneur, Educationist, and Social Activist Mr. Sarvesh Goel, said Lucknow Run was a virtual affair last year and runners were excited to participate in the on-ground activity.

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Ride a Cycle and be Healthy

Ride a Cycle and be Healthy:-

Cycling is very important to keep me healthy, cycling regularly can keep me away from diseases, if I talk about myself, I have always had a special hobby of cycling, to keep myself fit I am daily I do cycle. Cycling is also the best exercise, and it also strengthens immunity, we all know that strong immunity is very important to prevent corona.

Ride a Cycle and be Healthy the centrum img

Points to be careful about while booking a wedding venue img
Points to be careful about while booking a wedding venue

The wedding date is set, the relatives are all hyped up, now it’s on your shoulders to match up to their expectations, in your budget. It clearly is not easy. The worst part is that oftentimes there are hidden costs you are not aware of and some services that you expected to be included in the package is an ad-on.

To ensure you don’t have to go through this, here are a few checkpoints that you need to keep in mind before you book your wedding venue

  1. Have a clear estimate about the number of people that will be present for the event. This will be the deciding factor for the venue as per your budget and the package you opt for. 
  2. Ask for all sorts of details on what the package shortlisted includes and it’s meant for how many people. Check if housekeeping, catering, parking, electricity, DJ, and other services are included as well. 
  3. Make a list of additional services you will require when the package is decided. It could be theme based decoration or a bigger dance floor.
  4. Ask the wedding venue management for a detailed description of the space. It is necessary to find the most suitable option of all.
  5. Decide the menu beforehand and compare which catering system fits your need as per the seating arrangement and the budget. It could be per plate charge system or based on the number of estimated guests. Do you want live counters or waiters to serve? Decide it and let the management know about it.
  6. Consider looking at the floor plans to have an idea of how the seating arrangement may look like, you do not want your guests sitting far apart or clustered together. 
  7. Are drinks involved? Well in that case ask them if they have a liquor license, just to be on the safer end.
Yoga is the Route to Well-Being img
Yoga is the Route to Well-Being

Yoga is the Route to Well-Being:-

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Sarvesh Goel, chairman of Mansingh Goel Group, who is a fitness enthusiast and yoga practitioner, said that yoga is the route to well-being, a science of integrating the body, mind, and soul.

Adding more to this thought, Goel, shared, “Aligning with this thought and the essence, We, at Mansingh Goel Group have a steadfast belief in creating a space for all to Replenish, Reinvent and Reconnect with their true self within which they can find peace amidst the fast-paced city life. Whether it is our retreat- The Centrum Hotels and Resorts, our school GD Goenka School, Lucknow, or our events such as Lucknow Run and Lucknow Ride, we endeavour to create experiences of inclusivity of the elements of nature, good health, and wellbeing. On international Yoga Day, we urged everyone to give themselves a healthier, fulfilling, and creative way of life.”

Cycling Anand Kumar Pandey and Sarvesh Goel img
Importance of Fitness

Anand Kishore Pandey and Sarvesh Goel cycling with friends:-

Pedalyatri Cycling Association secretary Anand Kishore Pandey said that people understood the importance of fitness during the Corona period. That’s why people increased their immunity by cycling. At the same time, Association member Mr. Sarvesh Goel not only participated in the national level cycling competition four times but also won medals. He informed that every year the association celebrates World Cycling Day. Cycling is an exercise. Play it and increase your mental power.

Cycling Anand Kumar Pandey and Sarvesh Goel img

There Is No Better Exercise Than Cycling

There Is No Better Exercise Than Cycling:-

To improve your fitness, running and cycling in the morning cannot be good exercise. I want to give this much message on World Cycle Day, that it is better to cycle in isolation than in a group during the Corona period. However, there is a great need to maintain vigilance during this period, because in the second wave of the corona, many people have been infected even after stepping out of the house.

There Is No Better Exercise Than Cycling image

Infected But Did Not Lose Hope img
Infected But Did Not Lose Hope

Infected But Did Not Lose Hope:-

The whole family was infected but did not lose hope, kept away and helped others. Despite the corona being infected, Sarvesh Goel, chairman of GD Goenka Public School, did not lose heart but did the work of giving a positive message. It is said that the younger brother Corona got infected. On April 16, after his health deteriorated, he was taken to Delhi for treatment and admitted. During this, I felt that I too had come under the grip of infection. In such a situation, I isolated myself in a room at my relative’s house in Delhi. On the advice of the doctor, all the medicines including thermal screening, oximeter were ordered and started the treatment. During this, he also kept taking complete information about his brother’s treatment.

In the meantime, it was learned that three members, including my two daughters, have also become corona infected in the Lucknow house. Despite getting infected myself, I kept giving courage to everyone. This was the time when the corona infection was at its peak in Lucknow. During this time many acquaintances on my phone kept calling for help. Some needed a bed, some oxygen and all the members of someone’s house got corona infected. As far as possible, while living in isolation from Delhi, I contacted other people and helped the needy. Helped in getting the beds from oxygen. At the same time, in whose house all the members were suffering, they should be provided with medicines and other resources. Gave everyone the courage not to lose heart. Gradually the conditions became favorable. My message to everyone is that do not panic in adverse situations. Taking care of yourself and your family, maintain the courage of the people of the society.

Infected But Did Not Lose Hope the Centrum img

Lucknow Ride winner img
Lucknow Ride Winner

Lucknow Ride Winner:-

Jai Tiwari, Kushagra, and Rachna Joshi proved first in proving their superiority in long-distance cycling under Lucknow Ride Winner. Jai won 100 km, Kushagra 50 km and Rachna 50 km proved to be superior in the women’s category.

About one-and-a-half cyclists from the city participated in three classes in cycling which started at 4.30 am on Sunday morning. In the 100 km, Shad Jamal finished second and Amit third, while in 50 km Rajneesh got the second and Sanjeev got the third place. Apart from this, Bindu finished second and Madhubala in the 50 km women’s category. Organizing Secretary Sarvesh Goel said that at the conclusion of the race, IAS Jitendra Kumar awarded the winning players.

Lucknow Ride winner img