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Traffic System will be Changed img
Traffic System will be Changed

Traffic System will be Changed:-

The traffic system will be changed for three days due to the G-20 conference, During the G-20 conference, from February 13 to 15, public traffic should be avoided on six major routes of the city. At seven in the morning, the VIPs will leave for The Centrum Hotel on Sultanpur Road to participate in the G-20 conference, so by 9:30 in the morning and then from 12 to 3 in the afternoon, the VIPs will leave the venue and go towards their destination. This information was given by ADCP Traffic Ajay Kumar Patel. During this, there will be strict security arrangements.

The traffic of normal vehicles will be stopped on major routes:-

  • Arjunganj road from Lalbatti intersection and entire Shaheedpath.
  • Indira Gandhi Pratishthan from Golf Club Square and Shaheed Path from here.
  • The road leading to the railway overbridge from Avadh Shilp Gram gate number three via the left tent city.
  • Hazratganj Square to Golf Club.

These routes for normal vehicular traffic:-

Hazratganj to Mahanagar, Ayodhya Road, Charbagh to Awadh Chauraha Kanpur Road.

Traffic System will be Changed img 1

G-20 Event img
G-20 Event

Guests started arriving, there was a warm welcome:-

G-20 Event img 3

For the G-20 event, guests started arriving at Hotel The Centrum, the venue of the event, on Sunday evening itself. Around 70 delegates reached in the late evening. These included G-20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant, UNDP Chief Digital Officer Robert Opp, UNESCO Director of Artificial Intelligence Dr. Maria Grazia, OECD’s Digital
Audrey Plank, head of the Economic Policy Division. The series of meetings will start after the inauguration ceremony from 9:30 am. They were given a grand welcome at the venue with a peacock dance and shehnai playing. On the arrival of the guests in the late evening, Principal Secretary Urban Development Amrit Abhijat, Secretary Urban Development Ranjan Kumar, Divisional Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob, and DM Suryapal Gangwar reached to see their convenience and review the preparations for the event. Due to this, there was a lot of excitement at the airport. Airport administration said that flights coming from G-20 countries reached Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc. airports, from where guests are reaching Lucknow through connecting flights. During the summit, the guests reached Lucknow by 42 chartered flights.

G-20 Event img 1 G-20 Event img 2

The method of preparing the dish will be known from the QR code:-

Food will also be served to the guests through digital technology. There will be a QR code on the nameplate of each dish. If the guests wish, they can scan it and find out through a video how the dish is made. What is its history?

G-20 Event img 4

Now, the city gears up to greet the G20 team:-

After hosting the Global Investor Summit successfully, the city is set to greet G20 delegates, who will put up in the city for the next three days. From beautiful gardens to models prepared from scrap, Lucknow Development Authority, district administration, and Lucknow Municipal Corporation along with private players have invested all their efforts to host the guests. For instance, LDA has installed a jet made from scrap at Samta Mulak crossing, vertical gardens at various roundabouts, colourful lights, and wall paintings depicting India’s rich heritage.

G-20 Event img 5

Speaking at the forthcoming Global Investors' Summit img
Speaking at the forthcoming Global Investors’ Summit


Speaking at the forthcoming Global Investors’ Summit, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, a member of CII and FICCI, said, “The Uttar Pradesh government has been taking the initiative of attracting investments since its first investors’ meet in 2018. Initially, the investors were hesitant but gradually, the state changed its image as an investor-friendly destination. Good administration is to be credited for this shift in perception. For investors, the factors that matter the most are a good law-and-order situation, infrastructural facilities like power, roads, connectivity, and investor-friendly policies. In the last few years, U.P. has delivered on all these parameters. Today, people across the world are keen on investing in the state. I see a bright future for the state after the GIS. The summit will transform Uttar Pradesh’s image.”

Speaking at the forthcoming Global Investors' Summit img 1

Preparations for the G-20 Summit img
Preparations for the G-20 Summit

Preparations for the G-20 Summit:-

Divisional Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob saw the preparations for the G-20 summit at Hotel The Centrum on Thursday. He says that the branding of G20 should be done properly at Hotel The Centrum, the venue of the event. At the same time, use warm light, which will give better decoration.

The Divisional Commissioner, who arrived in the afternoon, asked the officials to complete the decoration work at the earliest. The event is to start on February 13. In such a situation, the process of reaching the guests will start a day before. Municipal officials have also been asked to make arrangements for bio-toilets here apart from cleanliness. The special duty of the Municipal Corporation team will be imposed here. The divisional commissioner asked to get anti-larva, fogging done here as well.

Preparations for the G-20 Summit img 1 Preparations for the G-20 Summit img 2

The G-20 venue will be decorated with warm light

District Disaster Management Teams img
District Disaster Management Teams

Preparedness to Deal with Disaster Tested by Mock Drill:-

Under the direction of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Commandant Manoj Kumar Sharma, district disaster management teams conducted a mock drill (rehearsal) on Tuesday at Hotel The Centrum, Ansal. The purpose of this exercise was to save the lives of the affected people during natural disasters, chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear disasters, and to check the coordination between all the agencies. The rehearsal was led by Deputy Commandant Anil Kumar Pal. 35 rescue personnel including NDRF’s Amit Kumar Singh, ADM Himanshu Gupta, Deputy Commandant Anil Kumar Pal, Team Commander Vinay Kumar, Sub Inspector Jitendra Singh Yadav, and Paras Ram Jakhar were present on the occasion.

District Disaster Management Teams img 1

NDRF and State Disaster Management team doing a mock drill at Hotel The Centrum.

Mock drill: chemical attack on Hotel The Centrum, NDRF and CRPF engaged in rescue:-

Suddenly at 12 noon, the officers got a message that there has been a chemical attack at Hotel The Centrum. After this, teams of NDRF and CRPF reached the spot in a hurry. The process of evacuating the injured from the multi-story building and giving them first aid and sending them to the hospital for treatment began. There has been no loss of life. Chemical attack rescue operations in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Emergency at Mockdrill at Hotel The Centrum, the venue of the G-20 summit on Tuesday. From 13 to 15 February at Hotel The Centrum where the heads of state and their representatives of various countries are to attend the G-20 summit. At the same time, prominent entrepreneurs and guests will stay here during the Investors Summit from February 10 to 12.

District Disaster Management Teams img 2 District Disaster Management Teams img 3 District Disaster Management Teams img 4

Global Investors' Summit (GIS) img
Global Investors’ Summit (GIS)

Global Investors’ Summit (GIS):-

Rs 126 crore is being spent on beautifying the capital to welcome the guests of the G-20 summit and the Global Investors Summit. Along with making roads, railings, dividers, horticulture, decorative lights are being installed.

Half a dozen departments including NHAI, PWD, Municipal Corporation, and LDA are doing development work in the city. Apart from the Shaheed Path, and Lohia Path, the work of beautifying Mahatma Gandhi Marg on the route of the Hussainabad area is on priority.

The Investors Summit is to be organized from 10 to 12 February at the Defense Expo site located in Vrindavan Yojna. After this, the G-20 conference will be held at the 5-Star Hotel The Centrum in Sushant Golf City from 13 to 15 February. The work of decorating Lucknow is underway to welcome the guests coming for both events.

Global Investors' Summit (GIS) img 1

Ensure quality in tent cities for GIS guests’ stay: Chief secy:-

The three under-construction tent cities being set up at the Global Investors’ Summit (GIS) venue in Vrindavan Yojana here for the stay of guests will be decked out with flowers and plants apart from their reception areas having watches of all participating countries’ time zone. These tent cities have been named Ayodhya, Kashi, and Prayag- raj.
Chief secretary (CS) Durga Shankar Mishra issued directions to officials in this regard while making a spot inspection of the GIS venue on Saturday. He asked officials to complete the work with quality in the tent cities and at other related places and also ensure rehearsals and trials of arrangements before the summit.

Mishra suggested that the park being developed near the summit venue be named ‘Naimish Kund GIS Park’ and get the same inaugurated by the chief minister on February 6. Mishra said thousands of foreign and domestic delegates who would be participating in the three-day summit next week must not face any inconvenience. Later, the CS visited the 5-Star Hotel The Centrum to review ongoing preparations for the G20 summit events there.

Global Investors' Summit (GIS) img 2 Global Investors' Summit (GIS) img 3

16 Percent of Employment Directly img
16 Percent of Employment Directly

Old Projects should be Completed:-

Entrepreneur Mr. Sarvesh Goel said that construction in real estate generates about 16 percent of employment directly and indirectly. In many small-scale industries, it increases investment and the use of labour. If the government works strategically to complete the old pending projects, then the wastage of capital and labor can be stopped. Thousands of people will also be able to get their homes. For this, the government should provide facilities and a bailout package.

Now it’s 2.5. But, do not know why the officials of both places are not ready to accept. It should be implemented.

16 Percent of Employment Directly img 1

G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors img
G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors

G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors:-

The G-20 conference venue will be divided into 17 sectors, with nine in-charges, and seventeen nodal officers appointed. A review meeting was held in the Municipal Corporation on Friday under the chairmanship of Municipal Commissioner Indrajit Singh regarding the G-20 conference, in which nodal officers have been appointed for each sector, dividing the program venue and its routes and areas into 17 sectors. On behalf of the state government, the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit will be held from February 10 to 14 in Sector-15 of Vrindavan Yojana, and the G-20 Summit from February 13 to 15 at Hotel The Centrum, Shaheedpath. In the review meeting, officers, engineers, and employees have been deployed in them for works related to the Municipal Corporation, while dividing the program venue and its traffic routes into a total of 17 sectors. A total of nine in-charges, 17 nodal officers, and 51 sector officers have been appointed in the above 17 sectors. The appointed officers have been asked to improve the cleanliness system by disposing of garbage etc., to remove encroachments from footpaths and hoardings from the roads, and fix patches on damaged roads and repair dividers. Along with this, 24 works will have to be done including dyeing, painting and washing, removal of wires hanging on electric poles, cleaning of ponds, and solving the problem of water logging.

G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors img 1 G-20 Conference Venue Divided into 17 Sectors img 2

Run for G-20 Walkathon img
Run for G-20 Walkathon

Run for G-20 Walkathon:-

CM Yogi Adityanath will show green flag

Run for G-20 Walkathon will be organized on Saturday for the purpose of promotion and participation in the G-20 Summit. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will flag it off. DM Suryapal Gangwar told that the walkathon will start at 9 am from Kalidas Marg and reach KD Singh Babu Stadium. 500 players will take part in it. 3.2 km. Every 100 meters in the Walkathon, one officer will proceed to hand over the torch/flag. Apart from this, the programs of the mini marathon to be held from Residency and GD Goenka School Sushant Golf City have been postponed.

Run for G-20 Walkathon img 1

Walkathon will be Held img
Walkathon will be Held

Walkathon will be held on 21st January 2023:-

A marathon will be organized from Kalidas Marg to KD Singh Stadium on January 21 for the purpose of creating awareness about the G-20 Summit. To participate in this, registration can be done on According to DM Suryapal Gangwar, the marathon will start at 9 am. Along with this, a mini-marathon will be organized from Residency to KD Singh Stadium and from GD Goenka School to The Centrum Hotel. At the same time, essay and poster exhibitions will also be organized. In view of the event to be held from February 13 to 15, instructions have also been issued to improve traffic in the entire city, especially from Amausi Airport to Metro Corridor, Shaheedpath, API Sushant Golf City, Lohia Path, Hazratganj, Residency, Imambara, Chowk, and Aminabad are given.

Walkathon will be Held img 1

G-20 Summit In view of the district administration will organize.

Chief Minister will leave for Run for G-20 Walkathon:-

A Run for G20 Walkathon will be organized to inform people about the G-20 summit. This event will be held on 21 January. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will start by showing the flag at 5 Kalidas Marg. Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob informed me about this on Wednesday after the meeting. The commissioner informed that various departments like Municipal Corporation, Nagar Panchayats, District Administration, Commissionerate, Secondary Education, Scout Guide, etc. will participate in this run. The route of the walkathon will be from Kalidas Marg to KD Singh Babu Stadium. Mini Marathon (I) will be from Residency to KD Singh, and Mini Marathon (II) will be from GD Goenka School (Ansal Golf City) to The Centrum Hotel.

Police verification will be done for the drivers of the buses:-

The commissioner said that in the places where there is encroachment in the city, joint teams of police, administration, and concerned department will get them removed. A list of buses deployed for G-20 has been sought. Police will verify the drivers of the buses.

Walkathon will be Held img 2 Walkathon will be Held img 3