Why look for a wedding venue in another city?

People are kind of crazy about destination weddings and looking at all the buzz, one might think that it is overrated. Some are all the way in Bali, some are enjoying the rich culture of places like Jodhpur and Lucknow. Why so? Well, let’s look at why this is a good idea for you, given there are so many options.

  • It all about the package 

When you pick a venue in your own city, there’s still a lot left to you. But these destination wedding agencies are well versed to pamper you and your loved ones in the time you spend with them. You can enjoy the beautiful moments without having to take the burden.

  • A no-worries vacation

The experience is bound to be different, with nothing to be worried about. Your friends and family can enjoy the freshness the new place brings. This all is a big vacation with everyone you love beside you and a huge event you all can enjoy. 

  • Intimate set up

It goes without saying that taking this ordeal outside your hometown means that lesser people will join you. Which is not quite possible otherwise. This makes the wedding more special and you have to worry less about the aquaintances not being satisfied.

  • Easier on pocket

If you pick an economical location and manage to find a reasonably priced package along with an awesome wedding venue, it’s actually cheaper. It cuts down expenses on food and accommodation since the guest list is shorter in comparison. 

  • Uniqueness

The experience is unique and worth all the traveling fatigue. The change in place brings unique flavors to the rituals of the marriage. It adds to your memory book and it is everything a couple could ask for. The experience is fun and you get to show off great pictures too.

  • More days= more fun

Destination wedding stretches your experience to a week or more instead of just one day. The entire duration is in your hand to utilize and make the most of along with a selected few.